All about the Barista Kit

Just like any professional, a barista needs his very own tools. After all, these are needed for him to get things done. A barista kit has all the extra hand tools that they need to do their craft. Of course, it is given that the larger machines like the espresso machine, coffee roaster, and the coffee grinding are not considered as part of the kit. Normally barista kits include the following items: cleaning brushes, cleaning clothes and wipes, scales, coffee grind tamper, thermometer, milk jug, and a leveling knife. Read more great facts, click here .

A tamper is what is used to lamp coffee grinds while they are in the filter basket. This compresses the coffee grinds simply to be ready for extraction. A good tamper is necessary to ensure that there is even compression of coffee grinds. The milk jug is for steaming or frothing the milk for drinks like latte and cappuccino. The Barista can heat the milk with the use of coffee machines steam arm. This is responsible for releasing hot steam towards the milk. Through the use of the thermometer, the barista will be able to come up with the right temperature when heating the milk. For more useful reference regarding  Coffee Tool, have a peek here. 

There are certain machines and devices that are needed to conduct coffee quality checks such as 2 clear shot glasses with 30ml measurements, a stop watch for timing the espresso right, a calibrated set of scales to use for weighing, and a 7 gram scoop for measuring ground coffee.

Then there goes the coffee cleaning kit. You have to be aware that the espresso machine has to be constantly maintained and cleaned every day at the very least. The coffee cleaning kit has to have a cleaning powder which is suitable to the machine used. A brush should also be included in the kit. This will be used to remove any buildup of debris found on the group heads. A blind filter must also be found snugly fit on the group handle. A blind filter is like a basket without holes that can fit into the group handle. By using this, the cleaning chemical enables the cleaning of each group head.

To enable the quality of espresso production, the barista needs the 7g scoop, count down timer, leveling knife, scales, and 30ml espresso glasses. All these help the barista for him to be able to measure the grinds, weigh all of them, time the extraction, and ensure that he or she will be having a 30ml espresso liquid straight from a 7g coffee grinds in only 20 seconds. Please view this site for further detials.